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Transfer order

How do I enter the address in the order form?

First, you should indicate the city. Once you have begun to enter the city name, the system offers a choice list in the drop down menu. You should select a city from the list. Then enter the street name. The system will also offer you the street name from the database. Select it in the drop down menu. Finally, enter the house number.

How many days (weeks, months) prior to departure date can I make an order?

We do not limit the period between the date of placing the order and the trip date. However, we recommend that you book your transfer no earlier than two weeks before the planned date of the transfer.

What should I do if I did not receive the order confirmation?

The system sends the order confirmation immediately after receiving your order. If the order was correct and you did not get a confirmation letter, please contact our technical support.

What should I do if I did not receive confirmation after selecting the transport operator?

Carrier is interested in finding the most convenient and suitable option for you as soon as possible. However, if the waiting period is not suitable, please contact technical support.

How long does it take to process the order and send transfer options?

Usually, it takes 3 working hours to process your order. However, if the order is non-standard and requires additional coordination or special vehicles, the order processing may take longer. In this case, we will promptly inform you about your order status.

How can I make sure that my order is accepted?

You will get the e-mail message about processing your order immediately after the order placement.

??w do I book a transfer to the airport?

Indicate the city and your full address in the “From” field. In the “To” field, please enter the word “Airport” and then specify the airport name.

??w do I book a transfer from the airport?

Specify the airport name in the “From” field. In the “to” field please enter the full address of the transfer destination.

Until what time before the travel date can I change my order?

You may amend your order at any time by contacting your transport operator and confirming these changes.

I am traveling with children under 12 years. Should I mention it in the order?

The law requires all children under the age of 12 travelling in the front or rear seat of any car, van or goods vehicle to use the correct child car seat. Please specify the required number of child seats while making your order.

What time zone must be specified in the order?

When making your order, please enter the time according to the time zone which is valid at the beginning point of the transfer.

How do I calculate the time of departure to the airport?

It is necessary to arrive at the airport at least two hours before the departure time. Usually, you have the time of arrival to the airport indicated on your ticket.
We recommend you to calculate the time you need to get to the airport taking into account the vehicle class and the distance. You’d better include extra time or ask the carrier operator to estimate travel time.

Meeting the driver

What should I do if the flight is delayed?

Please contact the representative of your carrier as soon as you become aware of the flight delay. If that’s impossible, please contact our technical support.

What if the flight arrived ahead of schedule?

If your plane landed ahead of schedule, please inform our operators and stay close to the arrival area exit until the driver appears.

How do I find the car at the airport?

It is not necessary. The driver will meet you at the airport and escort you to the car.

What if the class of the vehicle is not one that I have specified in the order?

In this case, you should contact the representative of the carrier or our support team immediately.

What if the driver did not meet you at the airport?

If you did not see the driver at the airport call our operators. We will assess the situation and take all necessary measures immediately.


Do I have to make extra payments for waiting?

It depends on the terms and conditions of your carrier.

What are the available methods and forms of payment?

At the moment, the price is calculated after the trip is over. After that you pay the driver in cash. Later it will become possible to pay by credit cards.

Are there any restrictions on the luggage weight and amount?

When making your order, you need to consider the amount of your luggage and the vehicle class and capacity.

Are there any restrictions concerning the luggage?

All issues concerning luggage are regulated by the local legislation excluding the presence of hazardous (explosive, flammable or toxic) substances.

Updated on August, 30, 2017